Monday, March 4, 2013

Cake Detox...Crap!

Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you....

As I woke up this morning and threw the cake box in the trash I thought it might be quite possible that I am going through cake withdrawals. My mouth salivated, but my stomach did not. Since Friday (My Birthday!) I have been eating cake! I have had white cake with white icing, chocolate cake with chocolate icing, guitar cake with red icing and chocolate cake (Fred's Cool 40th Birthday Cake! It was Fred's Birthday this weekend, too!), and white cake with chocolate icing. Then to top it all off yesterday I fully embraced a birthday lunch with my lovely grandma that consisted of a buffet of Happy Joe's Pizza! My stomach is saying ouch and my kids think it was the best weekend ever!

Needless to say yesterdays trip to Wal-Mart consisted of buying more toilet paper! Even my daughter commented, "Mom, when I eat junk food I poop all the time!" Yep, if you eat like crap you will get more crap and also feel like crap. I think my dog even got into the birthday party food. After she went poopy this morning she put her behind straight into the snow followed by streaking our snow covered yard! Through the Narnia-like snow I actually think I saw her smile with relief as the steam rolled up from her behind. Happy Monday, "the sh**ters full"! Don't you wish 'you' were our neighbor?! ;)

However, what would a birthday be like without eating some sort of crap?! It is what we do every year and it wouldn't be the same without it! As I am enjoying my banana and coffee I am looking back fondly at the cake box in the trash. I know we will overly visit each other again next year. Now let the food and run detox begin!

Have a great Monday and enjoy every moment!


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