Friday, March 8, 2013

Running all Fifty: Kissimmee, Florida

Beautiful Sunny Florida! My husband and I lived in Sarasota, Florida for 5 years and we often visit Florida  as our family and friends live there. Yes, we get asked daily "Why in the world did you move to Illinois?!". It really is a simple answer: It is a great place to raise a family!  I have ran in many Florida cities however, I am going to start my review of Florida running in Kissimmee.

My run there occurred  exactly 1 year ago during Spring Break vacation. I woke up early one morning (7 a.m. is early to me!) and snuck out of the condo before the kids and hubby were up. This entails me acting like a "stealth" as my kids hear everything and never want to miss a thing. My husband on the other hand could have a freight train go through the center of our bedroom and still sleep right through it. That is a gift I wish I had.

As I started my run the first thing I noticed was the high humidity and difficulty breathing, followed by the intense sunshine. Florida bods all of those things. If you are a Florida runner proper hydration and sunscreen are a mandatory component. Special props to all you Florida runners! Your runs are more difficult to me. I bet you could PR in Illinois in a second!

My three mile run stayed at an even 10:45 pace along Avenue of the Stars Blvd. I was distracted by the beautiful lakes, palm trees, and fountains. It was especially neat to think that Mickey and Minnie were right down the road. As my run continued the one thing I loved was the pristine manicured lawns and the variety of bird species. Kissimmee is such a pretty place with an abundance of entertainment and activity! 

My run ended back in our condominium complex viewing a gator in the lake...I am still wondering if it is a tourist decoy as he appeared to not move the rest of the week. Nonetheless, I know they are out there and you must take precautions. Best Part of the Run: Going for a swim after! Boom! Another great run! Kissimmee, Florida-CHECK!

Never take a moment for granted and enjoy the run!


Have you ran in the Kissimmee/Orlando, Florida?

Do you run on vacation or take the time off?

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