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Sexy Mother Runner Featured Runner Friday! Meet Chunky Wonder Woman!

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I can't even express how much I love this woman's story, thoughts, and motivation! She is inspiring!
Meet Darcy A.K.A. Chunky Wonder Woman!

I started dabbling in running summer of 2012 after decades of thinking running was beyond me. Despite encouragement from many parties, I was still tentative about committing myself to the sport.  

And then I saw The Costume. 

I am a lifelong science fiction and comic book nerd with a love of cosplay. More than once I have been asked if I was going to dress as Wonder Woman. I usually roll my eyes and say, “The world is not ready for a chunky Wonder Woman.” A friend responded, “The world needs Chunky Wonder Woman.” 

I had this exchange in mind when I saw a running costume offered by This Princess Runs on Etsy. I made the decision that if I was going to put myself out there and run races, I was going to go all the way. I didn’t have to look perfect (and being in my 40s and 50 lbs overweight is certainly far from “perfection”). I just had to be brave enough to do it. 

I ran my first 5K in October 2012, and I have tried to run at least one 5K race a month since. I’m currently training for my first 10K in May. I’m still pretty slow, but I’m steady. 

In the process of all of this, I’ve come to a way of thinking: Every Woman is Wonder Woman. We do amazing things every day. We change lives every day. Most of these actions are so mundane that we forget how incredible we are. For some, simply the act of getting out of bed is a heroic. You don’t have to be perfect. You just have to be bold and go. 

That’s why I run in a Wonder Woman costume. Because I am a superhero--to my family, to myself, every day, in a million small acts of kindness and courage.

I am Wonder Woman. And so are you.

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We also had to share another Wonder Woman, Chanel making her debut
with her Wonder Woman running mama friend of ours, Robynn!

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